COOL SHIT 1-24-13

Welcome to the new home of Cool Shit, my weekly column in which I get to talk about my favorite comic books that came out on Wednesday.  For those of you unfamiliar with CS, these are not formal reviews (that’s what my Napalm Reviews posts are for), and they may or may not contain spoilers.  This is a place for people who enjoy reading the same books as I do can hang around and discuss, so if you haven’t read the issues I’m going to talk about, then you might not want to check these posts until you have.


For those of you confused with the change of venue, the reason I’m doing this is because I’m disappointed in the way Blogger isn’t letting me post the pictures I want to use.  I like to pick my favorite panels from most of these books, but for some reason, Blogger wouldn’t let me post any picture that originated from my scanner.  The past two posts had pictures taken from online of the covers, and that’s kind of lame.  So here we are!  Without further ado, let’s kick this fucker off!

 Dan the Unharmable 9 sample

DAN THE UNHARMABLE #9:  Wow, talk about sleazy.  A mysterious stranger is making Lizzy jump through hoops so she can learn more about the history of the Consortium and Dan’s personal life.  The hoops in question?  Dress like a slut and whore herself out to a porn director who is in said Consortium.  It does lead to some interesting details.  We find out that Dan is apparently supposed to be dead, having blown his brains out in front of this scumbag director.  Turns out he wasn’t always so unharmable.  That gets us some answers, but not the really big ones.  Writer David Lapham is really stringing us along, acting stingy with the exposition.  I can’t wait to find out more!

 Hellblazer 299 cover

HELLBLAZER #299:  Yep.  It’s true.  By now, if you haven’t heard, John Constantine is dead.  Did he die thanks to some conspiracy of Hell?  Nope.  Did some necromancer do him in?  Nope.  Some punk blew his guts out with a shotgun.  Yep, just that ignoble.  And now Epiphany is left to plan the funeral and to worry about those Constantine left behind.  Gemma is clearly haunted by something, and Finn has lost his family due to his new obsession with the black arts.  It would seem that the Constantine curse is alive and well.  It’s also good to see Chaz again, and it’s really weird to see Renee, who hated Constantine from the very first issue, squeezing out a tear for the old boy.  But as always, things aren’t what they seem in the world of HELLBLAZER.  Writer Peter Milligan has a little surprise at the end of this one.  Oh yeah, and check out what happens when Epiphany finds herself face to face with the guy who murdered Constantine.  ONE ISSUE LEFT!

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