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–2004 “All’s Fair” in DOWN IN THE DIRT here

–2009 “Evolutionary Transubstantiation” in ART TIMES here (scroll down to page 11)

–(Various years) “Pack Rat” (most notably in Cthulhu Sex, here seen in HOUSE OF BIZARRO) here

–2012 “Yard Work” in OVER MY DEAD BODY! here

–2012 “Party’s Over” in 4 STAR STORIES here

–2012 “Riding the Midnight Gloom” in LIQUID IMAGINATION here (you can even listen to this one!)

–2012: Sample chapters from my first novel, STRIP here

–2013 “The War in Real Life” from my blog, Tales of Unspeakable Taste, here

–2015 “Virtuoso” on the Bare Knuckle Podcast, here

–2015 “Attitude Adjustment” in THE LITERARY HATCHET #12, here

–2015 An excerpt from DONG OF FRANKENSTEIN read by Sauda Namir, here

–2016 “A Late Start” for Flash Fiction Friday, here

–2016 “The Devil’s Workshop” from my blog, Tales of Unspeakable Taste, here

–MORE TO COME . . . .