COOL SHIT 3-14-13

Crossed Badlands 25 sample

CROSSED:  BADLANDS #25:  Wow, this was a tough week.  There were a lot of good books that came out, but only one of them was great.  Garth Ennis has returned to CROSSED, and this time he’s got a hell of a story for us.  Up until now, we’ve witnessed the Crossed epidemic through the eyes of regular people like you and me.  Now, he’s gathered a collection of British soldiers, who are on a self-appointed mission to find Porton Down, a stockpile of all the nation’s most dangerous weapons, for a very interesting reason.  In the meantime, they find themselves feeling suddenly responsible for a group of children, and the priest who has taken them under his wing, from a group of Crossed.  Where can this lead?  To absolute lunacy, I am certain.  I can’t wait to find out!

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