WHAT I’M READING NOW: SHADOWS 2 (edited by Charles L. Grant) and BLEEDING SHADOWS by Joe R. Lansdale

The SHADOWS series from Grant is a solid one, and you can always rely on them.  There’s a hell of a line up (and shockingly, many of them are primarily known as SF writers), but I’m the most excited about the John the Balladeer story (or Silver John, if you prefer) from Manly Wade Wellman.  I love stories about John and his silver-stringed guitar, but the thing of it is, I can’t just get a collection of them and read my way through them.  John is a wanderer, and I like to meet up with him in a variety of places.


As for the new Lansdale book, he’s never written anything I’ve disliked.  Whenever he publishes a collection, however, I notice that I’ve usually read everything in there, or close to everything.  This time, I’m pleased to say that I’ve only read maybe half of them.  That’s still a lot of new fiction from my favorite writer ever.

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