COOL SHIT 2-7-13

The Last Zombie Before the After 3 sample

THE LAST ZOMBIE:  BEFORE THE AFTER #3:  A while ago, writer Brian Keene announced on his website that he’d just done the most fucked up thing he’d ever done in a zombie story ever.  Considering THE RISING and CITY OF THE DEAD, that’s saying a lot.  With this issue of THE LAST ZOMBIE, we finally see what he was talking about.  Holy shit, it was not hype.  He really meant it.  A zombie gets loose on a maternity ward?  Really?!  There is actually a scene where the zombie is gnawing on a newborn baby’s guts.  The kid is pressed up to the zombie’s mouth like a watermelon rind.  Very nasty stuff.  Hats off, Mr. Keene.  It even got to me, a little.  Do you know how hard it is to get to me?  And in the meantime, Dr. Ian Scott is getting closer to having his secret be discovered.  He’s on the very brink of turning into a zombie.  He’s starting to get The Hunger.

 Dan the Unharmable 10 sample

DAN THE UNHARMABLE #10:  In this issue, Dan eats a cock.  No, I mean that literally.  Like, he masticates and consumes a severed penis.  In his defense, it was cooked, and he thought it was a sausage, but even after he’s notified of the truth, he shrugs it off.  Hell, it beats walking a whole three blocks to McDonald’s, right?  In the meantime, Lizzie meets a swordsman who tells her a little bit about herself, something that she wishes she didn’t know.  Or suspect.  Or even fear.  One of those things is a crucial piece of information about Dan’s seeming invincibility.  Things are getting even more fucked up in this series, and it’s not just because Dan ate a penis.  (Holy fuck, that was a ridiculous sentence.  I still can’t believe I typed that.  Thanks, Mr. Lapham, for making me do that.)

 Hit-Girl 5 sample

HIT-GIRL #5:  Mark Millar brings another mini-series to a satisfying ending.  Anyone who knows how ruthless Hit-Girl can be will not be surprised by the orgy of ultraviolence that permeates this entire book.  Holy shit, does she kill a lot of people in this book, and all of them in pretty inventive ways.  It’s the perfect bridge between the first and second KICK-ASS series.  And now, Millar has announced that there will be a KICK-ASS 3, and it will be the end of the story.  If he’s this ruthless at the beginning of the story, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us at the end!

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