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COOL SHIT 3-7-13

BEFORE WATCHMEN:  RORSCHACH #4:  Another BW book comes to an end, and sad to say, it’s kind of a lackluster finish to a great miniseries, especially one written by a kick-ass writer like Brian Azzarello.  However, early on in the

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COOL SHIT 2-7-13

THE LAST ZOMBIE:  BEFORE THE AFTER #3:  A while ago, writer Brian Keene announced on his website that he’d just done the most fucked up thing he’d ever done in a zombie story ever.  Considering THE RISING and CITY OF

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COOL SHIT 1-31-13

ALL STAR WESTERN #16:  Heh.  Just kidding.  This title has gone straight to hell.  Not only has Hex been stuck in GothamCity instead of the west, he’s been doing battle with fucking Mr. Hyde, of all people.  Can we please

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